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Internal Jogging

We interact with hundreds of people every day, some family, or friends, or co-workers but most just fleeting faces in a crowd. Surrounded by so many people how can it be that we are confronted daily by a profound sense of loneliness? How can we feel so alone in a world which is so connected? To begin to understand our modern community we must examine what it means to connect with another human being on the most basic human level. To laugh together, to work together, to play together, to share a common goal.

"Laughter is a form of internal jogging. It moves your internal organs around. It enhances respiration. It is an igniter of great expectations."

Acoustic Resonance

Every day we are having many conversations with different people. You share opinions, disagree and there are important things to say which we don’t dare to say. Are we afraid to be judged? Are we afraid to be free? This piece shows the boundaries of communications between two people in relation to their communal balance with the aerial rope. The three bodies are moving dynamically across the stage using dance, partnering and aerial rope technique in a non-conventional way.
Choreography and Performance: Crispin Bade, Ali Clarke

Acoustic Resonance Photo
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It Didn't Start With Us

It didn’t start with us, none of this did. It didn’t start here, none of us did. What it did start with was a mouse. A mouse, a trap and a handmade placard. That’s where this all began. When was the last time you really let yourself play? Is there still a place in our world for this type of fun and creativity? What if this place could be a café? What if a café could become our playground? It Didn’t Start With Us is an experiential performance built for and around the audience, which asks the public to step outside of their everyday embodiment and to for a few moments remember how it is to play and be free. Through use of dance, circus, and theatre this piece offers the audience a chance to not only observe the performers in their physicality but to actively become involved in the ongoing storyline and in turn become a part of the performance itself. KNOT Kollektiv welcomes public of all ages, beliefs and abilities to come together in this playground and to reimagine how the body can exist in our world.

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Neither Did We

‘Neither Did We’ is a quartet which premiered one year later at Bouwjaar ’84, NL. The performance focuses on audience participation with the aim of involving the audience in an act of physical creativity, a concept which has since become a running theme in our work. The piece was aimed at bringing out the inner child in students and adults. The performance again explored the boundary between aerial circus arts and contemporary dance using aerial rope and contemporary dance. Choreography: Ali Clarke in co-operation with the performers
Performers: Crispin Bade, Sophia Herzog, Ali Clarke and Lucas Devroe
Music: Michael Byrne

Neither Did We Image