KNOT Kollektiv is an international and interdisciplinary group of artists based in the Netherlands working with dance, circus and in particular with audience participation as a part of art. Since 2017 KNOT Kollektiv have been developing and creating interdisciplinary work ranging from locations performances, to theatre works, often combining contemporary dance with elements of aerial circus and audience interaction. Having presented their first creation ‘It Didn’t Start With Us’ at the Café Theater Festival Utrecht, KNOT Kollektiv went on to be awarded the Jury Prize for Youth and Family Audiences. The duet has now toured nationally and internationally more than sixty times. Since then they have gone on to create ‘Neither Did We’ and ‘Acoustic Resonance’, both pieces working with aerial rope and presented at circus events in the Netherlands. Now under creation is a trio ‘Internal Jogging’ which will premiere in March 2019 at Café Theater Festival Utrecht. KNOT Kollektiv will work extensively with the Café Theater Festival for the coming period 2019/2020 as the official CTF Onderzoekers receiving financial and artistic support from the festival in order to create a new work for the festival in 2020.

Meet the Cast

Ali Clarke
Crispin Bade
Sophia Herzog
Michael Byrne
Noah Schiltknecht
Lucas Devroe

Random Name

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